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Oct 23, 2014

Last Week in Photography

I'm off work for the week! I am so happy to be off. This will give me time to catch up on my blogosphere and get my life together. Last week was jam packed full of events and I was able to get a few things photographed. We went out to a bar the other night. A nice chill spot. Sticking with the group order, I tried some carbomb situation and it was ghastly. I could barely get down a sip and they they started chanted MORGAN! MORGAN! causing such a loudness of cheering me on to drink, that I had no choice but to slide down and hide under the bar in shame. lol I still couldn't drink it. 

The picture above is the side of an awesome building. You just don't get to see sides of buildings that look like this often. 

I am starting to build a collection of reflective shots of myself through windows. This particular shot picked up on the reflection as well as through the glass into the building. This one is a little creepy and cool because of how some of the shot makes it look like there are holes through my eyes, but that's just a view through the glass.  

New poster I bought. Still have to get it measured for a frame. I'll be putting this one in my blue room, but I tacked it on to a wall just to see how it looked. 

I'm so exhausted...I need to figure something out. I'm not operating at good levels of efficiency. I feel like I just kind of sit there soaking in my exhaustion, eyes getting heavy like how they used to in my three hour long business finance class. But I have many things to do, people to email, and projects to complete. Let's go coffee!


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Oct 15, 2014

Been So Busy. Peanut Brittle and a Toothpick.

I came across some sketches I did about four years ago to increase my shading skills, then I decided to take some pictures of it. This actually has nothing to do what I am writing about today. I have not been on my blog in a good amount of days. I had a college homecoming two weeks ago, which was amazing (and freezing cold). This past week was my beautiful little sister's birthday, she came down from school and we had an awesome time. I have been working as usual during the day. Then doing multiple projects on top of that. I usually rotate my time from one thing to the next. (Which also and quite frequently parallels with me not being able to stick to just one project at a time.)

I want to draw, and take pictures. I want to read beautiful literature in the tub and then go into a writing craze. I want coffee. I want a COFFEE MAKER. I want more of that sea salt caramel pretzel ice cream I got from Target. The churn consistency was perfection. That really does make a difference. The only thing that would make it even more spectacular is if there was even more of a crunch factor. Some of those pretzel pieces softened up a bit. I would personally add a nice bit toffee. Or what about peanut brittle type situations? I grew up on that stuff. My grandpa always had a box lying around. My country papa...miss him I do. Yep peanut brittle. And a toothpick..

Oct 7, 2014

Get It Together Burger King: Nasty Coffee

So on separate occasions, in different cities, I made the unfortunate decision to pull into Burger King to grab a coffee. Over the past month or so, I have discovered the great wonders of coffee and I have been utilizing it's powers ever since. Usually, I pop over to McDonalds to get a brew going, because it is the nearest thing to my home. But this time, I was already at Burger King.

I said: May I have a small coffee with one creamer and 6 sugars (yes it takes that much because there really isn't that much sugar in those packets and if you get just one or two, you might as well not ask for any, it'll save you your breath).

I got: One small coffee with no creamer and no sugar. I was on the way to see my good friend and mentor. Already a bit tardy, I still decided to pop over to Burger King to get a cup of coffee to liven myself up a bit. I didn't have time to really check it. Hastily, I decided to trust that I would get just what I asked for. As a result, I got to my meeting, took a whiff of it, and instantly, I knew two things 
  1. The odor was wildly pungent.
  2. It was absent sugar and creamer.
I added some sugar myself, but I didn't have any cream, which is fine because I need cream as much as I don't need cream. Doesn't really matter. If the coffee itself is of superior flavor, then no cream.  

After my doctoring, I tasted it. It tasted like: Melted black licorice swirled into water and then finally mixed in as one.  I couldn't believe it. It looked as black as tar but it wasn't as thick as tar of course. It was beyond BELIEF. How could something taste so far from what it is supposed to taste like, and be sold. Disgrace.

The original encounter with BK was when I asked for: A small coffee with no creamer and a decent amount of sugar so I could taste some sweet. 6 sugars.

I got: a small with 3 creamers instead. This is how it looked....

Bits and chunks of what I would presume to be powdered creamer unable to dissolve. No this will not do at all. I gave it back to the woman because this time I actually had time to take off the top. This gave me the opportunity to inspect it before driving off into the land of regret and disappointment. I got the woman's attention and told her this wouldn't do. She asked if I wanted a replacement, and I asked for my money back. It was a bit of a struggle to get back my money, but I eventually did. Unacceptable. 

The Moral
Don't drive off with out popping that lid, looking to see if it has cream or not, and smelling it. The bigger moral is that I need to buy a coffee pot and a couple more coffee mugs. There are so many different exotic beans I need to try.  


Oct 2, 2014

A Selfie Situation: Being a Photographer

Hello there, I took these photos a couple days ago when I had a bit of free time in between my schedule. Decided I should do some photography, which always is pure happiness for me. I never really knew how much joy photography could bring oneself. I'm glad I have ventured into this realm of creative expression.

My first camera was a 35mm Canon, I can't remember which model, but it was my mother's and I took possession of it after she departed. I think someone stole that camera, among many other precious belongings of mine. So now I have a Canon eos t3i Rebel. Shooting digitally changed my whole world. The instant feel of seeing my pictures was a huge come up for me. I have been developing my photography style over the past year.

Sometimes I find myself completely immersed in this world of capturing images. I could easily spend hours anywhere snapping pictures. So on this particular day, as I stated earlier, I was between events in my schedule and I figured since I liked my lipstick and bandanna combo, I should take some selfie pictures. My only thing is that my iPhone screen continues to crack, right over the lens at that. I have to use my Canon to get any good shots.

But on to the main point of this whole situation, I have come to the realization that I've never considered myself a photographer, as if I was not worthy of the title. There is a part of me that cringes when I think about labeling myself as one type of artist. The only thing I've really ever claimed was being a violinist. And that was pretty apparent, as it was primary in my life for so long. Nowadays, nothing stays primary for too long, I'm in a constant rotation of practicing my various forms of art. But you know what, I'm going to call myself a photographer and keep it movin.

All I needed was Spike Lee. Or should I say Mars. ♥

Oct 1, 2014

Notebook Doodles

Scrolling through the lost pages among hundreds and more. So many words total I have thoroughly written since the younger years. I like the doodles that accompany the words. Those moments when you break from writing (whatever it be you write) and zone out through random markings. The photography is equally important. I shot these pictures in a pitch black room. The amount of energy brewing up towards my photography is an unstoppable force that moves me magnificently. The momentum is like none other. It is one of a kind, truly.

Sep 24, 2014

Yelawolf My Box Chevy Collection: A Review on Greatness

The first time I discovered Yelawolf was about two years ago. I had an instant adoration of his work. I never had to sit and convince myself that what I was hearing was good (like I do so regularly with a lot of music). It was just genuinely good music on every level. He is incredibly talented. His music is wonderful vocal, and equally musical. A good experience all together. You just have to listen to all five, as they get better and better. The beats though!

The perfect marriage of his voice to the style of music composition and production is superior. His natural vocal timbre (The quality of the sound made by a particular voice or musical instrument) seems to fit comfortably within a sweet spot of an audible range that the human ear finds pleasing. You'll have to excuse me, being a musician has made me a wavelength and frequency enthusiast.

There are plenty of timbres and frequencies that we humans are either naturally in sync with, or it's an uncomfortable clash. I say all of this to try and explain that I feel as if Yelowolf's vocal timbre is one that is naturally pleasing in addition to his Alabama accent and incredible flow. Some people's timbres are raspier in nature (TBoz from TLC [a lower pitched range]/Erykah Badu[a mid pitch range]).

Some vocal tones can be really soft and sweet (Aaliyah/Janet Jackson/Ciara) or even strong and powerful (Beyonce/Jennifer Hudson/Christina Aquiliera). Some timbres can be good, but can also get a little whiny sometimes depending on the range that vocalist is in (Justin Beiber/ Rihanna). Just to name a few examples. Not sure why I went on a timbre tangent but I felt it had to be said!

Getting back to Yelawolf, I enjoyed his five part Box Chevy collection. This needs to be noted and recognized for what it is....brilliant. Of course it is still rap, which comes along with its own territory of potentially explicit lyrics and subject matter. That's just how it is and how it's always going to be. So for those who don't watch any programs on TV higher than a 14 year old rating, hip hop may not be the best genre of music for you.

I didn't hear the Box Chevy tracks in their original order, I heard them out of order discovering different versions as time went on. I wanted to make an effort to collect them all here on one place surrounding them with favorable reviews and recognition. Yelawolf, you've done a great job my dear. Well done indeed.

Art is truly about expressing yourself through a skill that you have acquired (on which ever level you happen to be at) and using actual inspiration from one's life that helps pave the path to a finished project. Obviously there is a percentage of actual physical and actionable execution necessary to result with an existing product. Too often dreams are not realized, and remain in the form of an idea or dream.

I love his accent as well. That makes up a huge part of his whole package. The distinct southern twang that flows as briskly as the momentum of his word execution. On top of his southern vocals, he also has the ability to freely speed up his flow as fluid and precise as one applying steady pressure to a gas petal on a powerful but contained engine. It is so very seldom an industry gets hit with something that cannot be recreated or manufactured like so many companies try to do

It's so very hard to say which track is my favorite, or to even rate them in order. It's just so hard. They all have such different qualities. I tend to play 3, 4 and 5 the most often, but 1 and 2 are newer experiences for me and they both come with great qualities that make me want to hit replay over and over again.

Part Four. The beat is just unbelievable. I turn it on, and even though the sound travels seamlessly through my headphones to my eardrums, my brain refuses to believe that something could sound so good. It just can't happen this way. What have you done Yelawolf? What have you done to us..This is too good for the ears to understand. That musical composition hits areas in you that you didn't know received sound signal.

Then there is the last one. My Box Chevy Five. The beat is just so funky crazy cool. That bass line...Everything is just on....point. Yelawolf, I give you your credits a thousand times over and one extra for good measure. I suggest the people who have had the pleasure to experience Yelawolf's talent, to recognize its brilliance. Why is it so easy for me to give people credit where credit is due instead of finding non exisitent things to complain about? Because I am an artist of my own sorts as well.

I get great joy from the act of uplifting another person. It's actually a quite distinct feeling that has its own type of joy and positive sensation attached to it. The one truest thing an artist wants from his or her creation is for it to be recognized as his or her own work as well as see it for what it was meant to show. Man I have such a passion brewing over for creation and its creators. We [creators] construct the details of existence, more so rearrange them. Oh it's lovely. I could go on and on....

Again I will say that this is just great music. To me it is indisputable, but of course everyone has their tastes. If he didn't make any other music ever again, these five tracks are amazing enough to represent his brand, talent and greatness.


Sep 23, 2014

Skincare Haul for Under $30

I'm to the point now where honey, lemon and brown sugar isn't cutting it for a facial routine anymore. I have been staying up long hours juggling all of my projects, and then going to work so that we have money for groceries (as food is an important part of survival for the most part).

With all of that being said, something had to give, and it was my skin. Maybe if I wasn't running on minimal sleep, honey and natural ingredients would serve their purpose but I'm in skin health deficit and to come out of debt, I needed to go stock up on some products.

So I've been going on and on about my Wunderlist app, where I now write all of my lists, keeping meticulous track of everything. I started a new list called Skincare and wrote down every problem I was having with my face. After I did that, I did some research on products that aimed to fix each problem. I then pinned those items on a Pinterest Beauty board, and then left to go shopping. I love integrating my apps to make my life easier and more efficient.

I ended up freestyling most of my shopping, as I didn't find a lot of the things I saved to my pin board, but that worked out just fine as I knew generally what I was looking for, thanks to my research. I always find that preparing for a shopping trip of any kind beforehand makes it much easier to navigate the stores in search for your wanted item.

 Equate Beauty: Anti-Puffiness Eye Roll-On Walmart $7.67

One of the most important areas I needed help with was my under eye area. Like I mentioned before, late nights come at a cost. That cost is gross looking eyes, and everyone feeling the need to vocalize how tired you look (pet peeve). Don't comment on how tired I look, just say "Hey, your face looks fricking ugly today, what the hell happened?" Or just say "Wow, you have horrible bags under your eyes, and I could not go another moment in my life without making sure that you knew that I am aware of this". I actually would respect that more than this scenario:

SettingAt work. I am in a neutral state, not cheerleader perk, but not walking dead. Approaching nearby coworker...

Me: Good morning, how are you today?
Coworker:  Good morning, I'm doing pretty good. How are you?
Me: Oh, I'm alright. A little tired, but all is well. 
Coworker: Yea? Well you look it....
Me: (Polite smile) Walks away with no response

Basic Etiquette Rule No. 1: Never comment on how tired someone looks in a casual conversation. 

If a person looks tired, it is safe to assume that they might feel the same (especially if they just said it!) If you feel the need to insult someone, don't do it underhandedly, just do it straight up and reap whatever situation you have sewn. Don't be an irritating piece of sh*t. 

To all those reading: Thank you for letting me rant :) ANYHOO, during my shopping trip, I saw a few other brands that I considered purchasing. I lined them all up to compare and contrast ounce size, benefits, and price. Here were the contenders. 

The price range was from $7.67 to about $15. I'm glad I chose the off brand one for starters. This stuff started working for me in like two days. I saw some pretty quick results, although I do expect to have to use this for a little while longer to get back to where I need to be. Also, there is no product out there that can make up for good ole' fashion sleep. I need to make sure to add some extra sleep time in to offset the hours I am awake working.

Ambi Skincare: Complexion Cleansing Bar Walmart $1.87

The first thing I needed was a cleanser. I was in the market for something that wasn't too harsh, as my face is sensitive. There were a myriad of options ranging from foams, to sudsy detergent-like, to cream cleansers. I didn't mind the bar soaps, so I picked up an Ambi Complexion Cleansing Bar.

It fit all of my needs and I liked the fact that I was getting a product that aimed to correct complexion as well. It smells wonderful and is silky feeling and gentle. The only downside is keeping up with a bar of soap instead of a bottle.

Equate Beauty: Blemish Control Apricot Scrub Walmart $1.97

After cleansing with the Ambi, I moved on to applying this face scrub. I wanted to try out the Equate version of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, as I am sure it does the same exact thing for less money. Since my cleanser didn't have any sort of acne treatment involved, I decided to get this scrub to make sure that area was covered. I don't have bad acne problems but I do get random breakouts when I'm stressed out or not taking care of myself properly. .

I enjoyed this product because I haven't had any bad reactions to it. I tried a Queen Helene Mud Mask type situation and it usually leaves me with a huge blotch of irritated skin. This apricot scrub seems to get rid of a layer of skin, which is necessary to really get any breakouts treated. I'm happy with it. I don't see why I would have to get the actual St. Ives brand. I guess I could just to compare and see if it works even better...but I doubt that be the case.

Sea Breeze: Alcohol Free Refreshing Toner Walmart $3.97

I went out and sought after Sea Breeze for my toning product. In the past, I wold often purchase astringents that serve the purpose of treating acne, but I strayed from that particular kind and grabbed the alcohol free toner. It definitely is refreshing, although I'm not sure if this product is completely necessary as of yet. I am going to continue using it, and then take a break from it to see if there is any difference. 

Pond's: Dark Spot Correcting Cream Target $1.47

This had to have been my favorite purchase next to the under eye treatment. It's the only product I ended up purchasing from Target. I found it in the travel and trial section where everything is a around a dollar or two. This was a very nice sized jar to be under two bucks. I think this was a great buy, especially for what I wanted to use it for. Since this is a dark spot correcting cream, I had planned on using it as a spot treatment more so than an all over situation. This cream was so light and silky fresh. I am in love it. I'm thinking about making it my full time day cream, meaning I will have to invest in a larger jar sooner or later. 

St. Ives: Collagen Elastin Moisturizer Walmart $5.44

This St. Ives Moisturizer has been a staple of mine for quite sometime. I haven't bought it in a little while, but I had to return to it as it is the most economical item that works for me. Now that I have discovered the Ponds cream, this St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer feels greasier. As a result, I have decided to make this my night time cream. 

This cream does a good job keeping the skin plump, soft and full after you commit to it. You get so much of it, and you don't need a lot to cover your face. I like the idea of collagen in the cream. Keep this skin young looking as long as I can!

Equate Beauty: Refreshing Cleansing Towelettes Walmart $3.48

These are for my lazy days, and for getting off make up. I also use these to apply my toner. It's just nice to have a pack of face wipes. Sometimes you just don't feel like doing the whole sink song and dance. These are perfect for a quick refresher. When I come home and turn in for the evening, one of the first things I do is reach for a towelette and start cleansing my face. I will eventually get to my Ambi soap but I like the idea of immediately getting the day's filth off of my face to keep the pores clean. 

There are a lot of different brands to choose from. I went generic this time for testing purposes and because it was cheap. These particular Equate cleansing towelettes aren't the moistest on the market, but they are indeed sturdy for getting a really deep clean. (When I'm done with the towelette, I usually find someway to use it before tossing it, like wiping down my sink or some random surface that needs cleaning). I am going to experiment with other brands eventually, but I must say this one had the most amount of towelettes included that I saw. 

Final thoughts

Overall I must say that this was a successful haul. I was able to get a lot of the products I needed at inexpensive prices. I have seen notable improvements in the condition of my skin since I purchased them (it's been about three days of using everything about twice a day). My skin condition before the haul was pretty much dry, uneven tone...blemishy.

Mostly, it was the under eye situation I needed some help with. I'm hoping this continues to go well. Once I phase out of these products, I will keep my favs, and move on to try some different brands. I hope this has helped someone, as I appreciate any reviews out there that aids in my product discoveries.


Sep 22, 2014

Camo, Leopard and Pink Accessories

I am pleased with the outcome of my quick shopping trip a couple days ago. I originally set out to buy a long sweater but didn't find the one I wanted. On a different note, I have been craving putting together camouflage and leopard for fall all summer. I've seen them sparingly solo but not so much paired. I think they make a lovely combo, especially when you throw some pink in the mix. I would only wear camo if it were used as an accent to accessorize or an over sized jacket. 

Now I have a hot pink lip, but a lighter pink bag...I really don't care about the two different pinks. I think it makes it better. Once you get comfortable in your own style then you kind of just do whatever. I have my own signature style involving skullies and fabulous shades and lipstick. 
I love my style so much as everyone should love their own style. It makes me happy. Style should exists even when you don't have much money to invest into fashion. I can survive on any level, and that, to me, is the heart and soul of style. Give me ten dollars and I can make it work. 

I am going to mix more patterns and colors this fall in addition to my normal layering. This is why I anticipate the fall season so very much. Who doesn't love layering? I find layering is much more natural for me to do than creating looks for summer time. My summer style is quite sad really. Next year perhaps I will revive my hotter months with better attire, but for now, fall is all that I am concerned with. Once winter hits, I'll be a stored away in my apartment as much as possible. I will probably live in my bathtub. Yea...

The only lipstick I wear is Maybelline. I stick to the juicy reds and bold fuchsias and even dabbling in the deep purples sometimes. I'm sure I will use other brands of lipsticks in the future but for now, Maybelline is where it's at for me. I love lip color and plan to wear it with as much as I can. It's such an easy addition to any outfit, even skullies. This fall, you should definitely experiment with some pattern mixtures and lip color. It's fun, simple and makes a huge statement without much effort. Ahh fall has finally come. Happiness!